just peachy.

I came across a recipe for Roasted Honey & Cinnamon Peaches the other day on Pinterest and thought I’d share it! This savory recipe is gluten-free and adds a healthy twist to dessert. It will definitely satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

Peaches are one of my favorite fruits and I absolutely love how sweet and juicy they are. They also contain a large amount of potassium, fiber, and vitamin A. (Read all of the health benefits here.) Enjoy!

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straight off the vine.

Friday night’s dinner centered around fresh, homegrown tomatoes from my friend Kate’s garden. We decided to get a break from campus meals and cook our own in her kitchen with a few friends. We had to alternate some ingredients to work around two friends who have to stick to a gluten-free diet, very basic, but still tasted delicious for them too!

Easy Chicken Parmesan was the main dish, served with spinach salad and bruschetta on the side.

With our chicken, we chose a recipe without breadcrumbs and used whole grain penne pasta instead of standard spaghetti noodles (nutrition info here). For our gluten-free friends, we used organic black bean noodles.

foodstyling3The spinach salad consisted of grape tomatoes, one lemon, and an oil and vinegar dressing. We zested and juiced our lemon for a fresher and lighter taste (see here).

Bruschetta was a last-minute idea after we realized how many tomatoes were left over… After mixing together diced tomatoes and onion, virgin olive oil, and basil, we put it over toasted gluten-free bread and a slice of mozzarella cheese (leftover from what was grated for the chicken parmesan), finishing it with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Between the six of us, this entire meal cost $8.00 each. Definitely worth it for this tasty dish and fun memories!




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