three slices of pizza please.

Cooking has always been a favorite pastime for me, especially when I am back at home with a mom who can cook without a recipe. It’s a simple joy really, to gather up the ingredients, put some music on, and just create something in a matter of minutes. Easier said than done, I know, but there is nothing wrong with taking your time and following along with a recipe, step-by-step, until your finished product is something that you can indulge in. For me, I do not just look at food as a form of nourishment, but an art as well. I love being able to test out different flavors and mix up some spices and come up with a concoction all on my own.

Being away from the great state of Arizona, it was a bit tough to adjust to eating cafeteria food for most of my meals. For all who know me, my stomach is on a timer and meal time is one of my favorite times. This being my second year in Ohio, I was determined to eat healthier and still enjoy what I am putting in my mouth. So far, I have tried my best to eat at our wrap and salad station and coffee shop and only go to the caf if necessary. When I do go there, I make sure to stay away from all fried foods and try to involve any veggies, fruits, and grilled items into my meal if possible. There is the occasional slippage and I will have that one slice of greasy, heavenly goodness known as pizza (let’s be honest, more like three slices), but I’m still learning. I’ve been religiously eating hummus and pita bread, grilled chicken, and caesar salad lately so I’d say we’re making progress…

Follow me as I explore the ins and outs of caf food and attempt to drink coffee in moderation!

Currently craving: an In-N-Out burger (only you West-coasters would understand).